Why I volunteer for Associations of Realtors

Why I volunteer for Associations of Realtors

  • Molly Eldridge
  • 10/20/21

Real Estate Runs in My Family

Growing up, both my parents were full-time Real Estate agents, and I saw first-hand the hard work and dedication that they gave to their clients on a daily basis. I saw their pride in being upstanding members of the community and providing a valuable service to their clients. It hurt me when I heard the common misconceptions about real estate agents. We’ve all heard them: “untrustworthy”, “not earning their commissions”, and “being in it to just get a quick buck”. I knew that wasn’t true and I saw it first hand from an early age. When I became a Real Estate agent myself, I knew I had to do my part to not only dispel those myths but ensure that I helped create an environment where agents had the tools to become outstanding representatives of the profession and to be of greatest service to their clients.

What Is an Association of Realtors?

The National and Local realtor associations are important groups of industry experts that band together to create and advocate for policies that foster vibrant real estate markets, support the industry, and protect consumers. For example, the motto of The Colorado Association of Realtors is to “Strives to be the collective voice for real estate and consumer property rights, and to advance Colorado REALTORS® as industry leaders in knowledge, ethics, and professionalism.” The Association of Realtors is an important tool to help clients find a great agent and provide education and tool to agent to be their very best. When it comes to the biggest investment in most people’s lives, having good representation is critical. A good agent is a necessary part of the home buying process, and not having one can cause many issues before and after closing.

My Journey

I’ve had the pleasure of serving on Local, State, and National Boards of Realtors in many different commissions and in many different roles. Starting out, I quickly became involved with the local board, eventually becoming chair of the board and then worked my way up to the state level. Becoming the Mountain District chair with CAR (Colorado Association of Realtors), I became involved in creating services for members and how to communicate those services to the public. Being able to craft the messaging and educate the public on the critical services that Realtors provide was a wonderful experience, and I truly feel that we have made strides in c educating the public to the services that Realtors provide.

Being on the state board allowed me to mingle with leaders at the national level. This was a great experience because it allowed me to attend informative seminars and receive a first-rate education in real estate with the best in the business. I was able to see the political power that the National Board had to push for essential values for real estate agents and their clients, like property rights and members' benefits. Being selected to the board for Resort and Second Home Member Services for NAR (National Association of Realtors) was eye-opening as well, and has since given me so much insight into the Crested Butte Market and the Colorado Mountain region in general.

Why I Volunteer.

In short, I volunteer with our various Realtor Associations because I feel strongly in being a driving force in my industry to better the working relationships and quality of service in the industry. I want to bring my knowledge and expertise gained working on the national level to my clients and am proud of the work I’ve done to do just that. With ongoing political challenges to property owners, I find it necessary to aid the fight to maintain the liberties of my clients now and in the future. Owning a home is one of the fundamental parts of the American Dream, and I’m proud to do my part to bring that dream to my clients. I’m proud to represent agents and do my part to better the industry, and I’m proud to be a Real Estate agent.


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