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You are considering selling your Crested Butte area property.  Maybe you aren’t using as much as you used to or planned to or maybe it doesn’t make sense financially anymore or maybe you want to get something different that will work better for you.   Those are all good reasons to at least look into whether or not it makes sense to list your property for sale.


The most important thing when listing your property for sale is to price it correctly.  Yes, you need to leave some room for negotiation and yes, you don’t want to leave money on the table, but the fact is that potential buyers may not even see your home on the internet or in person if it is not priced correctly.  We are not a community of tract homes and even in subdivisions with vacant lots for sale that are the same size the location can make a big difference in the sales price.  While I can give you a general idea of what your property might sell for without seeing it, it is important for me to actually take a look before giving a final opinion.


Across the board prices are lower than they were 3-6 years ago.  If you have an appraisal from that time period or are looking at the county assessment you will need to adjust that value downwards.  Our market is still being affected by foreclosures and short sales although the number of those have gone down significantly in the last year or two.


Please contact me to talk about the possibilities.  You can either click on the Learn More button on the right, call or send me an email.  I look forward to hearing from you!