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It’s Spring in Crested Butte

I am very excited to announce my new website!
The address is the same, but I think you will find the content more thorough and easier to navigate.  It has good area information, an easy to use MLS search, and information about buying & selling resort real estate in general.There are a number of ways to interact with me on the site – there is a Q&A section and the ability to chat online.  I would love to hear what you think about it.  It is an ongoing project that will be constantly evolving so please bookmark it as your source of information about the Crested Butte area and let your friends and family know about it too.

Gunnison County Foreclosure’s Down

I have been saying for months that the numbers of foreclosures in the valley are way down, but I hadn’t looked at the actual numbers until recently.  Once a week the county Assessor’s office puts out a list of properties where the bank has started the foreclosure process.  Often these properties do not actual get foreclosed upon, but it is a good way to keep track of the number of distressed properties in the county.  I track various aspects of the foreclosure list and found the following numbers to be interesting.

Total number of properties on the list
Peaked 1/24/11 at 156
As of 3/18/13 there were 59

Properties from CB South to the north
Peaked 2/7/11 at 98
As of 3/18/13 there were 23

At the peak 75% of the properties on the foreclosure list were from CB South to the north, but today only 39% of them are.

To put this in perspective, in March 2009 there were 56 properties on the list and 39 of them were from CB South north so we are close to those levels again.  I started tracking the numbers in September 2008 and the numbers were 30 and 16 respectively.

While there are other distressed properties that are not on this list, the days of waiting for your perfect property to be sold at a rock bottom price have probably come and gone.  For example, there is currently one property on the list in the town of Crested Butte.


End of the Season Events

Ski Season is almost over with two weekends left before closing day on April 7th.  If you are considering getting one last visit in you won’t be disappointed.  There is a lot going on other than nice spring skiing.

  • Soul Train – fundraiser for our local radio station KBUT – the King & Queen of Soul will be crowned tonight
  • Grand Traverse – teams of two ski to Aspen – starts tonight at Midnight.
  • 22nd Annual Freeskiing Extremes – Finals tomorrow.
  • Easter Sunday includes various services and an egg hunt in Mountaineer Square
  • Flauschink – Crested Butte’s own celebration to welcome the spring – includes storytelling, historic presentations, a parade and lots of celebrating with this year’s King & Queen.
  • Snowmobile Weekend – the 1st Annual Roost the Butte April 6th & 7th.  Click here for details and schedule.
  • Slush Huck Pond Skim – Saturday April 6th from 4:00 – 6:00.  Watch people ski down and try to skim across the pond with out crashing or sinking.

Things get pretty quiet around here while we watch the snow melt.  Last year there was some pretty great hiking & biking in May because the snow was gone early.  Generally things don’t pick up until Memorial Day, but I’ll keep you updated on how things are looking around here.

Please let me know if I can be of assistance.


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