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Whetstone Mountain & Hidden Mine Ranches

Whetstone Hidden Mine


Whetstone Mountain Ranch and Hidden Mine Ranch are located just one mile south of Crested Butte.


Whetstone Mountain Ranch is a 260 acre ranch that has been divided into 8 homesites.  The majority of the property is still used for agricultural purposes and provides a nice amount of open space for all owners to enjoy.  There are several private ponds scattered throughout the property and fishing rights on the Slate River are afforded to each property owner.


Hidden Mine Ranch is one of the newest 35 acre gated subdivisions.  Nestled at the base of Whetstone Mountain itself, each lot has a private homesite either on the hillside in the aspens or on the flatter pasture land.   This ranch has National Forest access with extensive trails to explore on foot, by horseback or snowmobile.