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Properties With Seasonal Access

Crested Butte is surrounded by National Forest, Wilderness & BLM Land and that it one of the things that makes it a great place to be.  In the midst of these public lands are properties that are perfect for the more adventurous who truly want to get away from it all.   These properties are accessible by four wheel drive vehicles with sufficient clearance during the months when there is no snow on the ground.  They are generally at higher elevations so the snow comes early and leaves later than other areas.  All of these areas have a trailhead at the point where the main road is plowed to throughout the winter.

The most well known of these areas is the Irwin Townsite.  Irwin was a town of over 5,000 people in the late 1890’s and was originally divided into streets, alleys & blocks as many small towns throughout Colorado. Although the legal property addresses still reference this subdivision, there is little to no evidence of those streets and blocks today.  The properties within the townsite are generally about 1 acre which is also the minimum amount of property you need to build a septic system as required by the county.

For larger backcountry properties, you are usually going to be looking at purchasing a mining claim or one of the few areas that have been subdivided.

There are a few other areas throughout the Gunnison Valley where properties occasionally come on the market including  Schofield Pass, Gothic Townsite, Tincup, Taylor Park  and Wilderness Streams.

These properties can seem attractive because they are generally priced much lower then comparable properties in the area iwth year round access.  However, properties with seasonal access are not for everyone since they require more effort to build on, maintain and get to.  A simple trip to the grocery store can turn into an adventure from your wilderness property!