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Closing Weekend Fun in Crested Butte

April 6th & 7th were the final days of the ski season at Crested Butte Mountain Resort and while we didn’t get the perfect, bluebird spring days we were hoping for, it was pretty fun!  The weather was alternately sunny & snowing and relatively warm so the crazy costumes were out in full force.

Slush Huck 2013 Small

Saturday’s Slush Huck from the Butte 66 deck.  The goal is to ski/snowboard/monoski/snow bike down the hill and skim across the top of the ponds.  This is the first year they have had two ponds to try to navigate.  It was tough to make it across the first with enough speed to clear the second.

Slush Huck1

Here is one of the competitors successfully skimming.  There were people of all ages competing in all sorts of outfits from vintage ski suits to bathing suits to lion costumes and more.

Also this weekend, CBMR teamed with one of the organizers of the X Games to host the first annual Roost the Butte snowmobile weekend.  We had a fair number of people come to compete in various events.  They set up the courses over on Gold Link using the snow from the half pipe to provide a great venue for roosting.

Roost the Butte Small

I didn’t get the best photo, but here is a shot of the kids oval race from the Gold Link chairlift.  Later in the day they rode up the hill to my right in groups of 8 for the hill climb – that was impressive to watch!

Another ski season in the books and, as is typical, it is snowing quite hard today.  I would estimate that we have received 8″ of snow in town today so far and it is still snowing!  Backcountry skiers and snowmobilers are happy for more fun and the rest of us are happy to have the moisture to help our flowers bloom this summer.

What is your favorite Crested Butte or Gunnison event?  Any plans to visit this summer?

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