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Fall Crested Butte Real Estate Update

Hello from beautiful Crested Butte!  It has been a while since my last newsletter.  I had a wonderful trip down the Grand Canyon and truly enjoyed spending the rest of the summer enjoying all Crested Butte has to offer. This photo was taken last week before the weather turned this weekend.  Now there is snow on the peaks and even some on the ground.  The leaves were (and still are) amazing this year - lots of reds and oranges that we don't usually see in our aspen forest. As we get into October & November … [Read more...]

2014 – 2015 Red Lady Realty Register

Red Lady Realty publishes a magazine highlighting all of the Crested Butte real estate we have listed for sale at that time.  This annual publication can be picked up numerous places in the Gunnison Valley or you can click here to view it. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Happy Memorial Day from Crested Butte!

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  I hope you have plans to enjoy this time with family & friends.  It is not supposed to be the nicest weather here in Crested Butte, but the sidewalk sales will carry on regardless.  The aspens are starting to bud and the world is trying to turn green for the summer.  I won't keep you from your burgers & watermelon for too long. Here are just a few quick items of note: Mortgage rates have just hit a 6 month low.  The rate for a 30 year fixed loan is 4.29% while a 15 year … [Read more...]

Challenges and Opportunities

The Real Estate Market in Crested Butte has been slow so far in 2014.  As you can see from the charts below, we are well behind 2013 through April.  There are 44 additional properties under contract for another $24 million+ (asking price), so we could gain some ground in May.  There are several reasons for this slow down and several things that are happening to turn it around. * The rumored sale of the ski area put everything on hold while people waited to see what was going to happen.  Sellers thought it … [Read more...]

Crested Butte Opens for One More Weekend of Skiing & 2014-15 Pass Prices Announced

Yippee!  One more weekend to get out and enjoy the snow.  Please see below for information about the weekend and some great news about pass prices too.  In case you were worried for us - the snow on the valley floor is melting quite quickly and the soccer fields are almost ready for play.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you! Molly Get Ready to Make Some Turns Saturday & Sunday! Never in the history of Crested Butte Mountain Resort has the ski area reopened the lifts for more … [Read more...]

Wrapping Up the Ski Season in Crested Butte

As I mentioned last month, real estate sales have started off much slower this year than in 2013.  This continued to be true in March, but spring break brought more than just happy skiers to town.  29 properties from Almont north went under contract in March, bringing the total number properties under contract to 46.  Several of the properties were condos on the mountain, but there were some in town, CB South and Skyland too.   We do have some catching up to do so hopefully this trend continues.  To date … [Read more...]

Big Air on Elk in Crested Butte – Live Feed

                                                                      They are getting ready for Big Air on Elk in Downtown Crested Butte.  If you haven't seen or heard of this event you are missing out!  Skiers & snowboarders will be pulled behind a snowmobile for almost a block to get up enough speed to do fantastic tricks off this huge jump in the middle of the street. If you are going to be in town you will want to head downtown around 6:00 pm to get the best spots to watch the action.  Not here?  Never … [Read more...]

Winter in Crested Butte, Colorado’s hard-core skiing town – The Washington Post

Another fun article about the skiing in Crested Butte in the last couple of weeks.  It has been great fun and the "Pineapple Express" is pushing more moisture our way so the snow should keep on coming. Enjoy! Winter in Crested Butte, Colorado’s hard-core skiing town - The Washington Post. … [Read more...]

2013 Crested Butte Real Estate Market Summary

 Market Improves in 2013 The Crested Butte real estate market showed great improvement in 2013 no matter how you look at it.  From CB South to the north, we had 331 sales vs. 266 in 2012 - that is almost a 25% increase.  Dollar volume was up even more - over 40% from $103 million to $145 million.  We are still well off the market high of 2005, almost double the market low of 2010.  On average, prices are starting to increase slowly, but surely too.  Depending on the area, average price per square foot increased … [Read more...]

Best Ski Resort Towns for Investing – Hint: Crested Butte is on the list!

While people who are considering buying property in Crested Butte usually want something so they can spend more time here, it also needs to make sense as an investment.  This article from RealtyTrac indicates that property here is a good investment.  It outlines how they developed their list and what each of the metrics they used mean. This is interesting whether you are comparing several ski towns or you just want to be sure that a vacation/second home in Crested Butte makes … [Read more...]