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Archives for June 2013

New Crested Butte Event – The SplatterDash

The first Annual SplatterDash was this morning!  This color run was a fundraiser for The Trailhead Children's Museum and offered a 5K and 1K run.  It was a great time!   Learn more about the Trailhead at www.trailheadkids.org.   … [Read more...]

Crested Butte Lupine on the Lower Loop

  Wow! What a gorgeous day on the Lower Loop.  The lupine are amazing and it looks like it should be an amazing wildflower summer overall. Gotta love summer in Crested Butte.   … [Read more...]

Wait and see… or not

Realtors in Crested Butte are hearing a lot more people say "We're going to wait..." these days.  Both buyers and sellers seem to be waiting for circumstances to change before moving ahead with buying something or listing their property for sale.  Depending on your circumstances that probably makes sense.  However, there are a lot of things happening that make real estate a good investment  so you may miss the boat by not at least arming yourself with information so you are prepared to make move when the time is … [Read more...]